Senior Counsel

Dennis Fine SC

Dennis Fine SC

Dennis Fine was admitted to the Bar in 1974. Took silk in 1989. His practice includes company law, insolvency law, income tax, insurance, law of contract, telecommunications and unlawful competition.

(W) 11 290 4000  (M) 083 610 0145
Philip Ginsburg SC

Philip Ginsburg SC

Philip Ginsburg was admitted to the Bar in 1975 and took silk in 1990. His practice includes intellectual property (patents, trade marks and copyright), income tax, unlawful competition law, exchange control and administrative law.

(W) 011 290 4153   (M) 082 552 6443

Guy Hoffman SC

Guy Hoffman SC

Guy Hoffman joined the Bar in October 1972 and has been in practice since 1973. He is a senior counsel whose practice is commercial and in particular, company law, insolvency, unlawful competition and intellectual property. He also holds an undergraduate B.Sc degree.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 412 5309

Peter van Blerk SC

Peter van Blerk SC

Peter van Blerk commenced practice at the Johannesburg Bar in 1975 and took silk in 1992. Peter conducts a wide-ranging commercial practice that includes litigation in the fields of company law, contractual disputes, property matters and insolvency law. Peter has acted as a judge of the High Court and sat as an arbitrator. He is a member of the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa and is on its commercial panel of arbitrators. Peter has played a substantial role in practical legal education. He lectured to pupil advocates on civil trial practice and legal writing for a number of years. He is the author of the published work, Legal Drafting: Civil Proceedings. Peter was also involved, in conjunction with members of the English Bar, in setting up the Johannesburg Bar Advocacy Training Programme.

(W) 011 290 4000 (M) 083 270 4444


Solly van Nieuwenhuizen SC

(W) 011 290 4000     (M) 083 414 6018

Chris Loxton SC

Chris Loxton SC

Chris Loxton was admitted to the Bar in 1978 and took silk in 1992. He has a special interest in the following fields: insurance, mining and pensions, administrative and constitutional law, competitition law, company law and telecommunications.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 785 1711
Paul Pretorius SC

Paul Pretorius SC

Received Silk in 1994. Paul practises in public law and commercial law, specialising in administrative law, labour law and pension law. Paul acts as arbitrator in commercial and labour disputes. He also acts as mediator in commercial and labour disputes. Paul is the editor of the Juta’s publication Dispute Resolution, now in its 8th reprint. He has authored several articles in law journals and presented papers and seminars at labour law conferences and pension law conferences. He has acted as a judge in the High Court and the Labour Court on several occasions. He is at present a member of the Management Committee of the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa.

(W) 011 290 4000      (M) 082 850 9741

John Suttner SC

John Suttner SC

John Suttner was admitted to the Bar in 1979. He took silk in 1994. He is admitted to practise in Australia and in England and Wales and in Lesotho. John Suttner specializes in commercial work and in particular business rescue, arbitrations, company law, banking law, insolvency, international trade, insurance, administrative law reviews, trusts and contractual disputes.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 412 2981
Martin Brassey SC

Martin Brassey SC

Martin Brassey was admitted to the Johannesburg Bar in 1976 and took silk in 1995.  His areas of expertise include labour law, pension law, competition law and constitutional law.  Since 1998 he has been a visiting professor at both the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Pretoria.  He has served on the Johannesburg Bar Council and currently represents the Johannesburg Bar on the GCB Examinations Committee.  He is a member of the Arbitration and Mediation Service of South Africa as well as the Thekiso Arbitration Service.  Over the years, he has held various appointments as acting judge in the Labour Court and in the High Court.  He has co-authored several books on labour law and competition law and has published widely in labour law.

(W) 011 290 4103  (M) 082 789 3971

Karel Tip SC

Karel Tip SC

Karel Tip was admitted to the Bar in 1981 and took silk in 1997. He has a particular interest in human rights, delict, labour, constitutional and administrative law.
(W) 011 290 4000   (M) 082 895 1599

Pieter Pauw SC

Pieter Pauw SC

Pieter Pauw joined the Johannesburg Bar in 1979. His practice includes general commercial law, employment law (including pension funds, medical schemes and occupational health and safety), property law, administrative/constitutional law and medical negligence.

(W) 011 290 4000   (M) 082 600 6816

Peter Levenberg SC

Peter Levenberg SC

Peter Levenberg was admitted to the Bar in 1978. He practises mainly in the field of commercial law, including stock market related issues, shareholder disputes, disputes over mergers and acquisitions, banking law, corporate insolvency law, unfair competition, contract disputes, and insurance law. Peter is also a member of the California Bar, having practised law for 10 years in the US. He has experience in various aspects of US commercial law.

(W) 011 290 4000   (M) 083 453 9981

Clare Hartford SC

Clare Hartford SC

Clare Hartford completed her LLB in 1982, and after lecturing in law at the University of the Witwatersrand, obtained her Masters in International Law from Cambridge. Thereafter she practised as an International lawyer in Paris, working largely on cases being heard in the international Court of Justice. She joined the Bar in 1989 and practises mainly in the fields of contract, delict, commercial law, insurance, pensions, family law and medical negligence.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 444 6771
Johan du Toit SC

Johan du Toit SC

Johan du Toit was an attorney for five years before being admitted to the bar in 1984. Silk was awarded in 2006. Corporate law, financial markets, administrative and constitutional law, education law.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 083 610 1156

Ross Hutton SC

Ross Hutton SC

Ross Hutton was admitted to the Bar in 1988 and took silk in 2008. He practises mainly in the fields of banking, insolvency, insurance, employment and company law.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 453 2590

Andrew Kemack SC

Andrew Kemack SC

Andrew Kemack was admitted to the Bar in 1987 and took silk in 2009. His practice includes contractual, company law, insolvency and construction matters.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 804 9138
Denise Fisher SC

Denise Fisher SC

Denise Fisher was admitted to the Bar in 1989 and took silk in 2009. Her practice includes banking, insurance, insolvency, unfair competition, intellectual property, general commercial High Court litigation, property, family law, arbitration and mediation. She is a CEDR(UK) accredited mediator.

(W) 011 290 4000   (M) 082 320 8882

Ivan Miltz SC

Ivan Miltz SC

Ivan Miltz was admitted to the Bar in 1989 and took silk in 2009. He practises mainly in the field of banking, general commercial, competition, insurance, insolvency, intellectual property, and property law.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 082 600 8237
Sarel Bekker SC

Sarel Bekker SC

Sarel Bekker was admitted as an advocate during 1984, and after serving as a State Advocate, joined the Johannesburg Bar during 1988. His practice concerns commercial litigation, mainly in the fields of contracts, aviation, insurance and engineering law. Sarel is further an AFSA qualified mediator and arbitrator.

(W) 011 290 4000 (M) 082 450 8102

Paul McNally SC

Paul McNally SC

Paul McNally was admitted to the Bar in 1991. His practice is in commercial law, and more particularly in the fields of the law of contract, company law, competition law, banking, insurance, pensions, telecommunications, restraint of trade, insolvency, and administrative and constitutional law.

(W) 290 4000  (M) 082 490 4123

Anton Myburgh SC

Anton Myburgh SC

Admitted in 1996. Special interest in labour law. Formerly editor-in-chief of Employment Law, and Butterworths Labour Law Reports.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 083 700 3996

Michael Antonie SC

Michael Antonie SC

Michael Antonie was admitted to the Bar in 1989. His practice is mainly in the field of commercial litigation, insurance, banking, insolvency, intellectual property, employment and pension law.

(W) 011 290 4000  (M) 083 601 1510