About Group One


Group One was established in 1999 in the commercial district of Sandton under the leadership of Chris Loxton SC. From the outset, the core values of Group One have been identified and implemented as:


  • The provision of advice and advocacy of the highest standard.
  • A commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • Encouraging and assisting historically disadvantaged members of the Bar to become leaders in the profession.

Group One recognizes that its members have a moral duty to assist and encourage previously disadvantaged individuals and so assist in the transformation of the Bar to reflect more closely the values of the Constitution. Group One recognizes the importance of providing leadership in the profession, particularly in relation to the transfer of skills from the more experienced to the less experienced.

Since its formation Group One has contributed substantially to the development and training of pupil members through programmes such as advocacy training.
The group offers a wide range of expertise and experience and is best described as multifaceted. While the core experience is largely commercial, there is a strong labour influence with a practitioners practicing in highly specialized fields such as mining law, intellectual property law,  aviation law, tax law, customs and excise law to name a few.
Group One is currently led by Mohammed Chohan SC